• Saturday, 29.06
  • 18:00
  • Haapsalu, Haapsalu linnuse väike hoov
  • Choir music
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



Rein Rannap (piano)
Estonian National Male Choir
Conductor Mikk Üleoja

Timeless songs of Rein Rannap have been loved by the audience for the past fifty years. We can enjoy the fresher look of selected songs performed by the Estonian National Male Choir. Estonia´s manliest line-up is a master of both bright rhythmics and gentle timbres. The music of Rein Rannap was arranged by Siim Aimla, Kuldar Schüts and Riivo Jõgi. The gourmet night culminates with the premiere of Rannap’s new piece in the joint expression of powerful musical forces of nature. Although the arrangements were originally made for a cappella male choir in mind, today Rein Rannap is involved with added piano preludes and solos. 

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