Midnight lounge OPERA ROYAL

  • Saturday, 27.07
  • 23:00
  • Kuressaare, Kuressaare lossihoovi kesköösalong
  • Jazz En
  • SA Eesti Kontsert



The Impresarios
Miguel Bosh Vélez (Geneva)
Arturo Zaldívar (Madrid)
Mattew McNaughton (London)
Jordi Vendrell Olivé (Barcelona)
Juan Francisco Rey Toro (Zurich)

The reach of the festival midnight lounge is expanding internationally. For the first time, the dance band of Opera Royal originates from the native country of the visiting opera theatre. At least in part, as The Impresarios is a band with no fixed hometown, it wanders from party to party and concert to concert along the Mediterranean coast.

All members of the acoustic band sing and their equipment includes two guitars, saxophone, double bass and cajon. Such a composition makes the band very mobile, and they will definitely join the audience at the dance floor. The band’s acoustic arrangements range from golden age jazz classics and swing to the latest club music hits, and of course they sing in English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese (and who knows what else).

The Impresarios have performed in 43 countries and their audience has included heads of state, royal families, stars of the music and film world, whose names they modestly refuse to mention.

Opera Royal is open to the public on Friday and Saturday of the festival week from 11 pm. The music programme will start after the end of the evening opera performance. Tickets for the midnight salon can be purchased on the festival website www.saaremaaopera.com and at the Ticket Office. The ticket price includes the music programme and buffet.

Schedule of performances

  • Saturday, 27.07
  • 23:00
  • Kuressaare, Kuressaare lossihoovi kesköösalong
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